coating chamber design and mask design for maximum uniformity and maximum efficiency

UniformityPro™ Version 5 is now available!

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New features
  • Faster uniformity calculation engine, now capable of part self-shadow check
  • Refined layout to better handle multiple sources, parts, and masks
  • Streamlined approach to modeling composite sources
  • Angle of incidence analysis and reporting
  • Mount offset option to model recessed parts
  • Additional controls for uniformity plots
  • Ability to import/export parts, sources, masks, and targets, independent of configuration file
  • General performance and stability improvements

UniformityPro™ is a software utility that models and predicts coating uniformity for various chamber configurations. When chamber configuration geometry design is insufficient for adequate uniformity, masks may be designed and optimized to improve coating uniformity. Mask design through UniformityPro™ eliminates the long process of guessing at mask shapes and positions, and then iteratively trimming them after depositions.

UniformityPro™ uses 2-D (projection) chamber plots for fast setup, as well as a fully-immersive 3-D rendered chamber. Colors may be used to easily identify multiple sources, masks, and parts. These plots are also able to show the locations of chamber items throughout a deposition run. 

  • Single rotation (domes): spheric, conic
  • Double rotation (planets): flat, spheric, conic; tilted
  • Drum rotation
  • An unlimited number of sources may be modeled simultaneously
  • Create a custom plume profile from thickness measurements
  • Point sources, as well as composite sources (e.g., line, ring, racetrack)
  • An unlimited number of parts may be modeled simultaneously
  • Parts may be of any shape: circular, rectangular, elliptical, custom
  • Parts may be of any figure: flat, spheric, conic, toric, custom
  • Targets may be across a radial line or the entire surface of a part
  • Target maximum uniformity without sacrificing coating efficiency
  • Wide variety of mask shapes: leaf, conic, wedge, custom table, custom spline
  • Mask shapes can be printed out actual size
  • Mask edge coordinates can be placed on the clipboard, or exported to an AutoCAD (.scr) or Comma-Separated Values (.csv) file
Version 5 Tutorial Videos
Version 4 Tutorial Videos